About us


The history of future farming

Sieger is specialized in the development and production of high quality machines for agriculture, forestry and horticulture. The machines and parts are sold directly to companies and self-employed persons through the Sieger webshop. Sieger does not sell to private persons.

Sieger is a subsidiary of Modulen & Engineering Menzing of Haaksbergen, Netherlands.

Where it all began

It all began when two familiar names from the world of drain cleaners – Cebeco and AMAC Drainreinigers – were taken over by Agrifac. Agrifac is a renowned producer of agricultural machinery and is a specialist in the production of agricultural sprayers and beet harvesters. When the company took over Climax Holding (the owner of Sieger Spuitmachines) of Veendram, Sieger Spuitmachines began trading under the name Agrifac Veldspuiten. Drain cleaners from Sieger were renamed Python, which was marketed as the new drain cleaner, manufactured entirely by our parent company, Menzing.

Menzing – the company behind Sieger

The company behind Sieger is Menzing of Haaksbergen. Menzing was founded in 1956 when Herman Menzing established Machinefabriek Menzing. Over the 65 years that followed, the company evolved into a respected development and production partner for leading players in machine engineering. Many of the company’s clients operate in the agricultural industry, including familiar names such as Krone, Veenhuis, Schuitemaker and Agrifac based in Steenwijk. When Agrifac acquired the rights to the famous Sieger HD drain cleaner following the takeover, it moved production over to Menzing. Once Agrifac had opted to focus on field sprayers, Menzing took over complete production and continued development of the drain cleaners.

Development starts at the core

The takeover of complete production by Menzing gave development an enormous boost. In order to fully understand preferences and requirements relating to drain cleaners, the company made immediate contact with end users. This yielded valuable and innovative ideas on how the machinery could be adapted. End users also highlighted many other areas for attention, such as irritations about the lack of transparency in pricing and the fact that machinery can only be purchased through dealers. This led us to take action to ensure that those points raised by end users were addressed. We also took another important decision – drain cleaners were marketed under the Sieger name once more.

Sieger – now and in the future

Over the past few years, Sieger has expanded to become a stable and reliable partner when it comes to drain cleaners. We are also one of the first companies to sell the machinery through our online channel. This has led to our Sieger Drain-Jets finding their way to clients worldwide. And that’s why we do it, because we love serving customers around the world. That way, we turn our clients into promoters, and that’s something we intend to continue doing. There’s a good reason that our motto is: Future Farming Made Easy.