Sieger brand

Drain cleaner

The current Sieger drain cleaner was developed on the basis of the robust Sieger HD drain cleaner. This extremely reliable drain cleaner has a proven track record of low-maintenance drain cleaning that stretches back decades. In fact, it is the most commonly used drain cleaner in the world.

Modern technology

We have re-engineered this proven machine with modern technology. The best qualities have been retained and, where necessary, the machine has been modernized. The current drain cleaner is manufactured in our efficient European production environment.


The result is a user-friendly machine that not only does what it was designed to do well but will also continue to do so in the future. Moreover, because we use modern production equipment and have chosen to sell the machine directly via the internet, it is also attractively priced. This online accessibility and the available support also provide the expected level of service.

And that is exactly what Sieger believes is important: the development and manufacture of affordable machines that work for you.

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