Solving problems with drain systems

Results from practical investigations by companies specialising in drain technologies.

Following rain, or heavy rain, the difference between a properly functioning and non-functional drain system will be clear to see. If a plot is under water for an extended period of time, it’s important to locate the problem. There are three possible options:

  • The drain pipes need to be cleaned (flushed)
  • A partial repair needs to be carried out
  • The drain system has reached the end of its technical service life and needs to undergo complete replacement

Iron, silt and roots can impair the function of a drain system, but regular maintenance can help to prevent problems from occurring and overcome clogging.

Companies specialised in the installation of drain systems, maintenance and cleaning have amassed considerable experience in fixing these problems. The overview below indicates the main issues:

Problem Solution(s)
Blocked drainage holes in the drain pipe Flush drain or replace drain pipes
Root remnants (from rapeseed, etc.) Flush or excavate drain
Drain pipe has partially collapsed or been pressed in Replace with new pipe
Tree roots growing through drain pipe Remove tree roots and replace drain pipe
Heavily contaminated water Clean drain system; if long-term, replace drain pipe
Completely clogged drain pipes* Clean drain or replace drain pipe

*The coir sheath around drain pipes can decompose within five to ten years. This largely depends on the free carbon dioxide lime content in the soil. On clay soils, drain pipes sheathed in coir are less suitable.

Drainage plan:

Where possible, a drainage plan will be available detailing the installation of the drains in relation to the location at which the clog was observed.

Partial replacement:

A partial replacement of the drain pipes is also an option. The new drain pipe is then connected to the existing drain system. It is important that the situation is assessed on site with an expert.

Drain cleaning:

To determine the cause of problems, drain cleaning is often the first step. This may require the use of specific cleaning nozzles  to help improve effectiveness.