Drain cleaner product range

Drain-Jet Special

Drain cleaner with enormous cleaning capacity

Four drive wheels with two hydraulic motors

Easy to operate thanks to various hydraulic functions

500-metre flushing hose included as standard

Powerful piston diaphragm pump with large water capacity

Top quality for an attractive price

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Drain-Jet Wireless Remote with ABS

Sieger ABS for even better localisation of blockages

Optimal ease of use, thanks to the wireless remote

Hydraulic swivel, fold-in/fold-out, height adjustment, and extension/retraction

Double drive power thanks to four drive wheels driven by two motors

Standard 500-metre hose and powerful pump provide enormous capacity

Powerful drain cleaner based on years of technical development and experience

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OneTouch drain cleaner you can operate the machine with 1 button

The Sieger One Touch uses smart- and precision farming. Smart farming ensures that modern information and new means of communication in agriculture. This allows you to avoid waste, you are more and more in control and you increase the yield per hectare.
In addition to smart farming, the Sieger One Touch also focuses on precision farming. This involves making sure that plants get the care they need using various technologies. Such as: ICT, GPS and robotisation.

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Drain-Jet Accessories

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