Sieger Drain-Jet Special

  • Drain cleaner with enormous cleaning capacity
  • Four drive wheels with two hydraulic motors
  • Easy to operate thanks to various hydraulic functions
  • 500-metre flushing hose included as standard
  • Powerful piston diaphragm pump with large water capacity
  • Top quality for an attractive price
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Sieger Drain-Jet Special – Drain Cleaner

Benefits of cleaning the drains

It is common knowledge that properly functioning drainage of agricultural ground improves crop yield. Not only is the growing season extended, because the land can be worked year-round, but good water management also means that crops grow better, resulting in more and better produce.
To continue to benefit from these advantages of your drainage system it is important to maintain it properly. And it goes without saying that you want to do this in a safe and cost-effective manner. The Sieger Drain-Jet Special (S) drain cleaner is the best machine for the job.

Large cleaning capacity

Although the Drain-Jet Special is Sieger’s base model drain cleaner, this modern machine offers the capacity and ease of use you would expect from a top model drain cleaner.
The tremendous cleaning capacity of the Sieger Drain-Jet S is the result of the 500-metre HPE flushing hose, included as standard equipment, and a powerful piston diaphragm pump. The four driven wheels ensure trouble-free, precision feed drive for the hose. Moreover, the specially designed cleaner nozzle makes it possible to flush drains using a safe, low pressure.

Ease of use

To provide optimal ease of use, the major functions of the Sieger drain cleaner are all hydraulically operated. For example, the entire guide arm, including the drain-shaft arch, is folded in and out hydraulically. The height adjustment is also hydraulically controlled, and the guide arm can be extended and retracted hydraulically. This makes it a piece of cake to manoeuvre the machine in front of the drain pipe opening so cleaning the drain system can be accomplished quickly and easily.


In addition to how well it works and how easy it is to operate, the Sieger drain cleaner also stands apart in terms of the design and finish of the machine. The current Sieger Drain-Jet is a further improved version of the extremely reliable and proven Sieger HD drain cleaner; we retained all the best qualities and modernized the machine where necessary. The drain cleaner is assembled in our modern factory in the Czech Republic, where a high-tech, efficient production process results in an attractive price.

Online ordering

Sieger opts for direct contact with customers. The internet makes it easy to communicate directly with the manufacturer concerning any questions or special requests. Because you can order the Sieger drain cleaner online from the manufacturer, you not only benefit from a keen price but also convenience and advice from Sieger.

Four drive wheels

The Sieger drain cleaner is fitted standard with four drive wheels and two hydraulic motors. The double drive power and even pressure distribution provides good control and slip-free drive of the 500-metre flushing hose.

Powerful water pump

The powerful Comet high pressure piston diaphragm pump has a high maximum capacity of 142 litres per minute and a maximum operating pressure of 50 bar. The pump has proven itself to be efficient and reliable for cleaning drain pipes.

Automatic Drive Stop

ADS is a fully mechanical function found on the drive system. It can be adjusted so the drive stops or decelerates automatically in response to any resistance in the drain pipe, while the flushing function of the nozzle simply continues.

500-metre HPE flushing hose

The Sieger drain cleaner is equipped with a high quality HPE hose as standard equipment. The combination of the 500 metre hose length and the powerful pump guarantee unsurpassed cleaning capacity.

Compact hose reel

Thanks to the slender construction of the reel, the flushing hose can be rolled in and out without additional support. Neither the drive nor the guide arm is subjected to stress, which is beneficial to the service life.

Open design

The open design of the redesigned, robust frame provides easy access to every part of the machine. This provides noticeably improved convenience during both use and maintenance.

Hydraulically extendible arm

The arm of the drain cleaner can easily be extended and retracted hydraulically to manoeuvre the arm to the desired distance from the drain pipe.

Hydraulically foldable arm

Thanks to the hydraulically operated foldable guide arm, no further assembly is required once the drain cleaner is on location; you can begin flushing the drain pipes without further delay.

Transport provision

Because the guide arm can be completely folded away and secured in the transport position, the drain cleaner is ready for use upon reaching the work site. Without any need to mount additional drain-shaft arch parts.

Hydraulic height adjustment

Because the work situation can vary greatly from one drain cleaning location to the next, the Sieger drain cleaner is equipped with hydraulic height adjustment of the guide arm.

Ergonomic design

The Sieger drain cleaner is designed for easy operation by a single person. The many design features make the machine economical and efficient in use.

Hydraulic control

To make drain cleaning a simple job, all functions of the Sieger drain cleaner are hydraulically operated for optimal ease of use.

Pressure regulator

The robust Comet pressure regulator is made of long-lasting brass. The handle allows you to release pressure from the system at any time, such as during positioning of the guide arm.

Pressure gauge

The drainage system is flushed at a safe, low pressure of 7 to 10 bar. The special cleaner nozzle both cleans the drain any carries off the waste.

Distance indicator

The distance indicator on the Sieger drain cleaner shows the length of pipe cleaned so far. This makes it easy to determine where any blockages in the drain pipe are located.

Regulation valve

To make drain cleaning a simple job, all functions of the Sieger drain cleaner are hydraulically operated for optimal ease of use.

Drain-shaft arch

The end of the drain-shaft arch can rotate 360 degrees. This means that no extra accessories are required for situations such as flushing drains located on the other side of a ditch.


For maximum safety during use and transport on public roads, Sieger fits a complete set of rear lights on the Drain-Jet as standard equipment. Two large rear marker plates are also fitted.

Flexibly mounted cleaner nozzle

The cleaner nozzle is mounted on a special flexible hose section that automatically keeps the cleaner head in the middle of the drain pipe. This system ensures complete cleaning of the drains.

Suction hose

The suction hose is made of high quality materials, one of the benefits of which is continued flexibility even at lower temperatures. Drain cleaning is often performed during the winter, and this suction hose is suitable for use down to -25 °C!


The entire machine is finished with a robust, impact-resistant powder coating in a contemporary colour scheme. The easy-to-clean finish keeps the drain cleaner in top condition for many years.

Cleaner nozzle

The cleaner nozzle developed by Sieger, which is included with the drain cleaner as standard equipment, is special in that it provides powerful cleaning at low water pressure. Optional cleaner nozzles guarantee maximum cleaning for all types of soil and drain pipes.

PTO driveshaft

The drain cleaner is delivered complete with a long PTO driveshaft. The large capacity of the Comet water pump provides sufficient water for optimal cleaning and lubrication of the flushing hose even at low rpm.

Centre of gravity close to tractor

The Sieger drain cleaner is constructed in such a way that the centre of gravity is located close to the tractor. Along with the efficient pump, this means that a small tractor is adequate to operate the machine.

Suction filter

In addition to a suction strainer, the water that is drawn in also passes through a suction filter. The diameters of the various connections throughout the machine have been selected relative to each other to ensure perfect water flow during drain cleaning.

Hydraulic motors

The Sieger Drain-Jet drain cleaner is equipped with top quality hydraulic motors. Each hydraulic motor is mounted for long-lasting, optimal operation.

Safety provision on guide arm

For maximum safety during use of the drain cleaner, the guide arm is fitted with a safety provision to prevent the arm from dropping should pressure suddenly be lost in the hydraulic system.


Sieger Drain-Jet Special
Item number


three-point linkage
Other handling
attachment points for forklift


3 hydraulic motors
2 hydraulic cylinders
Control valves
1 control valve, 1 integrated pressure compensator
Tractor connection
double-acting valve or single-acting valve with pressure-free return


handles and regulation valve


Brand and type
Comet™ APS 145 piston diaphragm pump
tractor PTO through supplied Walterscheid™ W100E1010 PTO shaft
Minimum speed
300 rpm
Recommended speed
350-370 rpm
Maximum speed
540 rpm
Recommended operating pressure
30-35 bar
Maximum operating pressure
50 bar
Maximum pump flow rate
142 litres/min

Flushing hose & flushing speed

HPE (Hard PolyEthylene)
500 metres
Ø 27 mm x 3.3 mm
2 hydraulic motors with 4 drive wheels
Speed regulation
Recommended wind-out speed
approx. 30 m/min
Recommended wind-up speed
approx. 20-25 m/min

Hoses and cleaner nozzle

Suction hose
15 metre, 30 mm hose, including float and suction filter (flexible to -25 °C)
Overflow hose
6 metre, 1" hose
Cleaner nozzle
1 opening at the front (2.0 mm) and 12 at the rear (2.5 mm)
Mounting, cleaner nozzle

Guide arm

Height adjustment
Hose wind-out/wind-up


Distance indicator
Pressure gauge
1 year


Length with arm folded in
1.00 metres
Length in transport position
3.90 metres
Length, folded-out and fully extended
6.50 metres
1.00 metres
0.80 metres
Height in transport position
3.20 metres
Height to top of reel
2.30 metres


approx. 675 kg
Filled with water
approx. 840 kg

Complete assy. – Drain-shaft arch – 40 to 60 cm

Complete assy. – Drain-shaft arch – 30 cm

Drain-Jet Nozzle 15° ø60

Drain-Jet Nozzle 30° 12G

Drain-Jet Nozzle 30° 3G

Proxus Drain Detection


The Sieger Drain-Jet drain cleaner excels in ease of operation and use. The Sieger drain cleaner is designed for easy operation by a single person.

The many hydraulic functions included as standard make drain cleaning quick and effective.

Videos and instructions on use of the Drain-Jet drain cleaner will be available soon.


Sieger drain cleaners are designed to require very little maintenance. After all, the drain cleaner must do what it is intended to do with as few interruptions as possible, and that means cleaning drains. Although you will find that the drain cleaner requires very little maintenance indeed, there are a number of wear parts that will eventually have to be replaced. You will find step-by-step instructions and lists of required parts provided below. Thanks to this service from Sieger, these tasks are easy to perform.

Replacement of cleaner nozzle 106901PA274

For optimal cleaning of drain pipes it is important that you use the correct cleaner nozzle. The correct choice depends on the degree of contamination, the type of soil and the diameter of the drain pipe. These instructions explain how to replace the standard cleaner nozzle.

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Replacement of drive wheel with bearing

When the drive wheels of the drain cleaner are worn or damaged they must be replaced. This will extend the service life of both the drive system and the flushing hose.

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Replacement of flexible hose 106901BP072

The cleaner nozzle of the Sieger drain cleaner is mounted on a flexible hose. This arrangement results in automatic centring of the cleaner nozzle in the drain pipe. When the flexible hose becomes damaged it will no longer function properly and must be replaced.

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Replacement of glide strips 106901PA263 – 106901PA262

The glide strips in the guide arm and drain-shaft arch of the drain cleaner provide low-friction guidance of the flushing hose. When a guide strip is worn or damaged it must be replaced in order to ensure good operation and a long service life of the flushing hose.

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Shortening the flushing hose

When the foremost section of the flushing hose (106901BP315, 106901BP400 or 106901BP500) is damaged it can be shortened. Make sure the remaining length will be long enough to clean your drain pipes.

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