Service page for users of the Sieger Drain-Jet drain cleaners. The technical support on this page is applicable to the following models:

  • Sieger Drain-Jet S (Special)
  • Sieger Drain-Jet HS (Hydraulic Special)
  • Sieger Drain-Jet WR (Wireless Remote)

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The Sieger Drain-Jet drain cleaner excels in ease of operation and use. The Sieger drain cleaner is designed for easy operation by a single person.

The many hydraulic functions included as standard make drain cleaning quick and effective.

Videos and instructions on use of the Drain-Jet drain cleaner will be available soon.


Sieger drain cleaners are designed to require very little maintenance. After all, the drain cleaner must do what it is intended to do with as few interruptions as possible, and that means cleaning drains. Although you will find that the drain cleaner requires very little maintenance indeed, there are a number of wear parts that will eventually have to be replaced. You will find step-by-step instructions and lists of required parts provided below. Thanks to this service from Sieger, these tasks are easy to perform.

Replacement of drive wheel with bearing

When the drive wheels of the drain cleaner are worn or damaged they must be replaced. This will extend the service life of both the drive system and the flushing hose.

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Shortening the flushing hose

When the foremost section of the flushing hose (106901BP315, 106901BP400 or 106901BP500) is damaged it can be shortened. Make sure the remaining length will be long enough to clean your drain pipes.

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Replacement of flexible hose 106901BP072

The cleaner nozzle of the Sieger drain cleaner is mounted on a flexible hose. This arrangement results in automatic centring of the cleaner nozzle in the drain pipe. When the flexible hose becomes damaged it will no longer function properly and must be replaced.

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Replacement of cleaner nozzle 106901PA274

For optimal cleaning of drain pipes it is important that you use the correct cleaner nozzle. The correct choice depends on the degree of contamination, the type of soil and the diameter of the drain pipe. These instructions explain how to replace the standard cleaner nozzle.

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Replacement of glide strips 106901PA263 – 106901PA262

The glide strips in the guide arm and drain-shaft arch of the drain cleaner provide low-friction guidance of the flushing hose. When a guide strip is worn or damaged it must be replaced in order to ensure good operation and a long service life of the flushing hose.

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