Shortening the flushing hose

Step 1

Clamp the clamping bushes 27×3.3 (106901PA253) firmly with pliers (preferably locking pliers).

Step 2

Twist the hose nipple (106901PA251) loose with an appropriately sized spanner or suitable pliers. The flexible section has now been removed from the flushing hose.

Step 3

Remove the clamping bush (106901PA253) with locking pliers.

Step 4

Shorten the flushing hose (106901BP315, 106901BP400, 106901BP500) using a hose & tubing cutter, a sharp Stanley knife or a saw.

Step 5

Use a knife to remove any roughness from the inside edge of the flushing hose that was caused by cutting or sawing. Smooth the outside with a file.

Step 6

Step 7

Clean the hose nipple (106901PA251) before fitting it again.

Step 8

Now lubricate the hose nipple (106901PA251) with grease.

Step 9

Twist the hose nipple (106901PA251) into the hose. This is easier to do with the help of an assistant: one person holds the flushing hose while the other person twists the nipple into the hose with locking pliers.