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The Sieger promoter programme is a great success! Our promoters have already helped many visitors with interest in a drain cleaner during the last year. Because thanks to these promoters it is possible to see the drain cleaner in action outside the traditional showroom. Sieger promoters are just regular Drain-Jet users who are happy to show the machine to people considering buying one and are willing to share their experience. This is often invaluable for the prospective buyer. In addition, it is also very attractive to become a promoter yourself..


Besides being fun and educational, as a Sieger promoter you will enjoy many other benefits. If you indicate your willingness to become a promoter when you purchase a Drain-Jet, you can receive an attractive discount or a bonus in the form of extra parts or accessories.
In addition, as a promoter you also receive a nice incentive when a new customer indicates that they have purchased a new Drain-Jet thanks to you. This can either be a small gift or, perhaps, a credit on your account for parts.

From our promoters we are also hearing many positive stories about the visits. Sharing knowledge about cleaning drain systems is seen as very valuable for all parties. Tips about the use of a drain cleaner, especially those based on first-hand experience, are always welcome. In addition, this also often leads to valuable new contacts in one’s network.

Moreover, it is also the best way for interested parties to get the most candid information about the drain cleaner. You own the machine, after all, so you know exactly how it works. Therefore you can also provide real-world examples of the positive (or perhaps less positive) aspects of the Sieger Drain-Jet. This is almost certainly a more balanced perspective than a showroom sales pitch.

And any contact with an aspiring buyer also always goes through Sieger. You will find a map on our site that highlights all the places where we currently have promoters. Those interested in visiting a promoter can contact Sieger. Then we always ask you, the promoter, whether you are willing and have time to receive a visitor. It’s always up to you.

Are you interested in becoming a promoter for the Sieger drain cleaner? And would you also like to help other potential buyers by sharing your story? Then contact Sieger to discuss it, with no obligation, if you are considering purchasing a machine or have already done so. One hand washes the other!

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