Cleaning a drain system with the right pressure

Regular maintenance of drain systems consists of periodic flushing of the drain pipes. It is important to ensure the correct water pressure at the cleaning nozzle to promote effectiveness. For this, a number of technical aspects are important.


Flushing a drain with too high a water pressure can cause damage both to the drain and the soil outside of it. The water penetrates the wall of the drain, which can damage the filter cloth. Too much pressure can also loosen the soil around the drain pipe and saturate it with water. After the cleaning nozzle is reeled in, the water pressure in the pipe drops again and soil particles from outside can enter the pipe with the draining water. These soil particles may then remain in the wall or sheath. The consequence is damage to the structure of the soil surrounding the drain pipe. The drain system will not work as well and will also become clogged more quickly.

Cleaning nozzle

A safe, low water pressure is, therefore extremely important. The specially developed Sieger cleaning nozzle provides optimal cleaning when the water pressure at the cleaner nozzle is just 7 to 10 bar. This pressure level is adequate to loosen the contaminants in the drain pipe. The loosened contaminants are then flushed past the cleaning nozzle and flow out of the drain pipe.

Water capacity

To ensure that the drain pipes are flushed thoroughly it is important that the pump has sufficient water capacity. For effective drain cleaning, the effect of flushing is more important than the spraying. The piston diaphragm pump used by Sieger has a maximum capacity of no less than 142 litres per minute.

Sieger drain cleaner

Sieger supplies a drain cleaner that allows drain pipes to be maintained safely on the basis of

  • a cleaning nozzle that cleans at low water pressure, and
  • a pump that supplies enough water for flushing clean.

This is a particularly important consideration for agricultural businesses and contractors when choosing the most suitable drain cleaner.