Replacement of cleaner nozzle 106901PA274

Step 1

The cleaner nozzle is secured with adhesive. If it is difficult to loosen, it can be heated with a blow-dryer or similar. This will cause the residual adhesive to detach.

Step 2

Using locking pliers, the cleaner nozzle can then be twisted out of the flexible hose (106901BP072).

Step 3

The cleaner nozzle is removed from the flexible hose.

Step 4

Now remove any residual adhesive from the double nipple with a steel brush.

Step 5

Apply locking compound or adhesive to the double nipple of the flexible hose.

Step 6

The new cleaner nozzle (106901PA274) can now be installed using locking pliers. Always make sure the cleaner nozzle is tightened firmly in place before the drain cleaner is used again.

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